About Me

My name is Dustin, I go by Kryptøs. I have been dancing with props for a little over 7 years. Poi and prop minipulation helped save me from a discouraging past. Going down the wrong road with little to show, I stumbled upon flow arts and more specifically, poi and quickly became obsessed. With so many inspirations I decided to dedicate my life to the progression of flow arts. I have done this thus far by running a small prop shop called Sacred Designs in which we design and hand craft lotus poi, staves and much more, and also through teaching work shops and performing in local and larger events. My aim is to inspire others to find their passion and flow. Wether it’s instruments or art or dance.. We all deserve to find and express ourselves. Flow arts has allowed me to become a creator in so many areas of my life and to be able to share that with others has changed the trajectory of my life.

Welcome to the movement.

Perform with Passion

Create with Intention

Manifest through Movement

Emotion with Energy