Workshops and Classes:

Movement is a creative endeavor that thrives on connection. Bringing together artistic individuals through an array of one-on-one classes and workshops.

My mission is to share the craft and passion that fuels my artistic fire, imparting knowledge and skills to aspiring enthusiasts and seasoned practitioners alike. With a deep commitment to fostering growth and creativity, I aim to inspire and empower each participant to discover their unique artistic flow.

LED and Fire Performances/Showcases:

At Movement, I believe that the soul of artistry lies in between practice and performance. Our journey takes flight through the mesmerizing realm of LED and fire performances, where I conjure captivating showcases that blend technical mastery with artistic expression.

I invite you to witness the dance of light and flames as I push the boundaries of what is possible. It's my way of sharing the magic and adrenaline that fuels our minds, body and soul and ignites a sense of wonder in those who experience my performances.

SacredDesignsflow - Crafting Flow Props:
As a co-owner of SacredDesignsflow, I am a dedicated artisan committed to crafting exquisite hand-poured silicone flow props. Our creations transcend the ordinary, boasting an infinite array of colors, glitters, and glow filaments. With meticulous attention to detail, we bring to life a diverse range of flow props that break free from the confines of convention. At Movement, I proudly showcase my passion for innovation and artistic exploration through the wondrous world of SacredDesigns.