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Current workshops available


2 Poi Classes

  • Gun Slingers (intermediate) ~Hash slinging slasher
  • Arm Traps (intermediate) ~Mom look no hands
  • 3D Grid work (intermediate) ~Facing the Matrix
  • Stall work (beginnger/ intermediate) ~Why you Stallin?
  • No Beats (beginner / intermediate) ~Who needs a Beat?
  • Negative spaces (intermediate) ~Turning a Negative into a positive
  • Caps (beginner / intermediate) ~No Cap just Caps

3 Poi Classes

  • 2 poi one hand (intermediate) ~ Mom look one hand
  • learning to juggle poi, cascade variations (advanced) ~Juggles for Muggles
  • Connecting dots (intermediate) ~What am I doing


  • Pin wheels (beginner) ~Weaving creations
  • Buugeng grid flowers (intermediate) ~ Grinding the Grid

Double Staffs

  • 3D Building (intermediate) ~ Connecting the Dots
  • Multi Plane (intermediate) ~ Use your Resources

Contact staff

  • Fish Tales (intermediate) ~ Fishing for Answers

Multi prop

  • Translating concepts (beginner / intermediate) ~ Speaking in tongues
  • Learning the Grid (beginner / intermediate) ~ Everything is possible
  • Caps (beginner / intermediate) ~ Pop a Bottle, let your body waddle.

Electric Unicycle

  • Riding an EUC (beginner) ~ EUC 101
  • Riding an EUC backwards (advanced) ~ EUC magic
  • Incredible Wedding Performance!

    My wife and I had our wedding in a rustic county park next to river in NE WI. We started out with a live blue grass band in an old log hall. Dustin graciously did some knife juggling outside the hall and then some LED juggling in time with the music inside the hall. The children loved it and Dustin was a wonderfully kind person with the kids. After the hall was closed for the night we then moved into the group campsite with a large bonfire and kept the music going. This is where Dustin and his assistant lived true to their performing name. He did fire juggling and various staff performances and was just phenomenal!!! I know it was great because I have no videos of it as I was just so mesmerized at the talent I was seeing I never thought to take my camera out and record it. Truly Kryptic Movements!!! He easily fell into time with the live music being played. I can't even imagine the amount of practice time it takes to get that smooth with that skill. It really was one of the main highlights of the night that everybody talked about!! Thank you Dustin for helping make our wedding a very special memory for my wife and I and all our friends.

  • Pure Awesomeness

    This was an amazing performance! My customers were captivated! I heard so many great comments and received many Thank You's for offering this entertainment. I will definitely be scheduling this again.

  • Incredible performance!

    From top to bottom this was a top notch experience. Dustin had excellent communication, came fully prepared, was very likable, and knocked the performance out of the park. The guests (all ages young to old) loved every minute of it and it was the highlight of the evening.
    Dustin did half of his performance indoors with various LED props and the other half outside with various fire props. He did all the setup and was careful to accomadate the space it was held in. Both the fire and LED shows were fantastic and had everyone cheering. Do not hesitate to book this performer if looking for a memorable show for your party or event.

  • Performance like no other!

    Performance like no other!

    Our experience with Kryptos was AMAZING! His professionalism, punctuality, performance and personality where like no other! We were blown away by his craft! He is an amazing artist! The way he painted the sky with fire and lights were mind blowing! We had a group of small children actually sit for a full hour!! That never happens!!! The way he interacted with the crowd was beautiful! Hands down best birthday party ever! Not to mention he made it very clear that he was a professional and to never play with fire! 😍🤯🥰 Beautiful job!

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